Spa and Salon Etiquette

Whether itís your first visit to a beauty spa or health salon, or you've enjoyed them many times before (lucky you!), a quick update on etiquette is always a good idea.

Knowing something of what to expect, and what may be expected of you, will help you feel confident, relaxed and prepared to get the best out of your pampering experience.

You can always contact your chosen spa or salon directly for some of this information, but if youíre feeling too pampered to pick up the 'phone, then, here at Lavish, we've prepared a simple, general guide for you to browse at leisure...

Spa and beauty salon dress code

Thereís no need to 'dress up' for spas or salons. In most cases youíll be given a locker to put your clothes in and a comfy robe to wear, for the duration of your beauty reatments.  It can help to arrive in something relaxed and loose though, because it'll slip more easily back over moisturised and fragrant you, at the end!  If your chosen spa or salon has a pool or gym facilities, you may like to bring your swimsuit and/or gym kit with you.  Best to leave 'best' underwear at home, in case itís marked by any of the lovely oils and body products applied.

Should I shower before my spa vist?

Shower or bathe before your spa trip, because it will make you feel more comfortable and confident. If the spa or salon has its own showers and you'd prefer to use them, then give yourself plenty of time for this before your first treatment.

What about makeup...?

It's best not to wear makeup or, if you really canít face the glare of the public eye en route to your pampering session, remove it before your treatment begins (especially if youíve booked in for a facial). Spas and salons usually provide cleansers and toners for just this purpose.

If you're going out directly afterwards, remember to bring makeup to apply before you leave, though!

...and jewellery?

Leave jewellery and valuables at home if you can Ė it's just something less to worry about.  If you do need to sparkle up before leaving, most spas and salons have their own methods of safely storing valuables for you Ė lockers and personal bags to carry round with you, for example. Check with the spa or salon beforehand, if this is an issue.

I think I should tell you...

If you're pregnant, have muscle or joint injuries or any sort of medical condition, then just tell the spa or salon at the time of booking, and remind your therapist before you start. This will allow them to adjust your treatment, if necessary, so that it's perfectly suited to your individual needs.


Therapists usually leave the room while you slip off your robe and under the towels on the treatment table, and again when you to get up to re-robe at the end.  Paper knickers are usually provided, to avoid getting beauty products on your own underwear.  Therapists are also skilled in averting their eyes and in draping towels discreetly over those parts of your body not receiving the treatment, keeping your modesty intact and keeping you warm and comfortable at the same time.

How do I tip?

Gratuities are not normally included in the cost of treatments, so it's customary to leave a tip if you feel you've been well cared for and have enjoyed the experience.  15-20% of treatment value is a good guide (depending on how pleased you were, of course - it is a gratuity, after all!).  It's easiest to tip at the reception desk before you go, and many spas and salons provide small tipping envelopes for this purpose.

Most important of all

Remember to relax, stretch out and enjoy every scrumptious moment of your 'me time' - you deserve it!